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Leafield ASA

Asa is one of our senior breeding females. She is out of Heidi and by Arkie. We are very excited about Asa, a solid black girl who has been DM tested and certified CLEAR. Asa has been Hip & Elbow scored for excellent scores: Hips 3,3 & Elbows 0,0.

Asa's daughter from her first litter, Leafield Raza, has just achieved her first titles - BH & TR1. She is well on her way to her IPO title and Asa's half sister, Leafield Tara, has also just achieved these two titles.


Asa is a large female, approximately 42 kg of solid black muscle. she has a very stable, calm temperament and passes this on to her offspring. Exceptionally intelligent, very alert and protective, she has taken to training like a duck to water and can be taken anywhere, face any situation, with calm confidence. Though large, she is also very athletic.

We have retained 3 females from Asa (Leafield Sadie, Leafield Gypsy and Leafield Black Angel) due to their exceptional quality - a breeders dream producer and an amazing companion, Asa is line bred to Fax vom Grenzganger and is very much like him, as was her exceptional sire, Vonammerberg Drago (Arkie).




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